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Our Story

Our pest control journey begins in November 2017 when the owner of Pestify, Bryson Tibbitts took a sales job from a nationally renowned pest control company. After training that winter and spring, Bryson moved to Northern Virginia in April 2018 to sell pest control door to door for the summer. After a month of sales Bryson decided to switch to the technician and service area of pest control the rest of that summer. 

The following summer in April 2019 Bryson moved back to Virginia to be a technician again. These 2 summers in Virginia laid the ground work for Bryson to start Pestify Pest Services when he got home. It gave him the knowledge, training, and experience from one of the nations top pest control companies. 

Although 2020 wasn't the best year in history to start a business, Bryson powered through and in April 2020 we had our first service as a company in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Pestify was put on hold in the first half of 2021. Our owner moved to Austin, Texas to take on a training role for the same company he worked for in Virginia to help them start a new office in Austin. He returned at the beginning of July 2021 and was able to 3x Pestify in size over the next 6 months. 

After working in Northern Virginia for 2 summers and Austin, Texas for 1 summer, Bryson has performed over 10,000 professional pest control services, has been through multiple training courses for general pest control, law and safety, bed bug control, and has a passion for detail and perfection!

We are excited to continue to service the people of Idaho Falls, Rigby, Shelley, and the other surrounding areas in southeast Idaho in the years to come. We thank all of you for choosing Pestify!

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