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What bugs do you treat?

we specialize in common bugs seen outside and inside the home like spiders, wasps, earwigs, centipedes, and ants. 

What happens if I'm still seeing bugs?

if you're still seeing bugs after 2 weeks you have a free re-service available to use if necessary.  or if you're on our maintenance plan you have unlimited warranty services.

How long until I notice a decrease?

you will start to see a vast decrease in bugs in less than 4 days.

How long does a treatment last for?

generally products start to break down due to sunlight and the environment after 3 months.  

Does it cost more to do the interior?

no, the interior is included for free whether you choose a one time service or become a member of the Premium Maintenance Plan.

How close are you to our office?
We service the Idaho Falls metro area within a 45 minute drive.


Customers outside of a 45 minute drive will pay a travel fee depending on distance

no more bugs.
no more stress.

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