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Hobo Spider
The most common spider seen in Idaho homes is the hobo spider. Although not deadly, their bites can cause pain & discomfort. They're activity is moderate in the spring and gets heavier into mid-summer & is highest in the fall.

Wolf Spider
Often confused with the hobo spider, the Wolf Spider is also commonly seen in Idaho. These spiders can get very large & are mostly seen in the yard of peoples homes if left untreated.

wolf spider2.jpeg
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Boxelder Bug
Although they don't sting or bite, these bugs come in swarms by the thousands and congregate on the side of homes and can be a real nuisance pest. They breed in trees around the home & find shelter under wood piles, bricks, cinder blocks & built up leaf piles.

Elm Seed Beetle
Commonly confused with the Boxelder bug, Elm Seed Beetles are different in that they have an "X" like shape on their back & don't have the classic red color of the Boxelder bug. They do however tend to accumulate around doors & windows like Boxelder bugs. 


Bed Bug
Everyone knows how terrible dealing with bed bugs can be. These insects are "hitch hikers", meaning no matter how clean your home is or how much you try to prevent them they can still get into your home and get to populations in the hundreds within 6 months.

Little Black Ant
The little black ant is just one of thousands of species of ant. You may see these ants in the kitchen usually attracted by fallen crumbs or sugary stains on countertops. That's why these ants are also known as "sugar ants". 


Hiding mostly under wood piles, bricks, and other garbage, these bugs are found along with the hobos, centipedes, pill bugs, and beetles. Males have round pincers while females have straight ones. 

Paper Wasp
These stinging insects are mostly seen under the eaves of your home in high up places and can build hives of over 50 wasps if left untreated. They are also found in sheds, under decks, and in vents on the side of homes.


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