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Boxelder Bugs vs Elm Seed Beetles in Idaho Falls, ID

If you have bugs crawling around your windows, doors, eaves, and foundation you likely have a Boxelder Bug or Elm Seed Beetle infestation. These bugs can look similar to the untrained eye, and rightfully so. There are similarities in their behaviors such as where they accumulate, amount of bugs you see at once (dozens to hundreds) and at a glance even their looks are similar.

If you decide to have Pestify come out to service your home for a bug that you think may be either a Boxelder Bug or Elm Seed Beetle, it's very important that our technician identifies the difference so we know what product to choose, where to apply that product, and where to find the source of the issue so you can see lasting results. After treating hundreds of homes for these bugs we are confident we can help you out.

Boxelder Bug

Size: 1/2"

Color: Black, Orange, Red

Colony Size: 200 - 1,000+

Where: Shed, Windows, Garage Door, Siding, Boxelder Trees, Maple Trees

When: May, July - September

Elm Seed Beetle

Size: 1/3"

Color: Black, Rust

Colony Size: 50 - 800

Where: Windows, Foundation, Siding, Elm Trees

When: July - August

If you have an infestation of one of these bugs we can help. Call (208) 351-7860 today.

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