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The 3 Reasons Why Hobo Spiders Are Hard To Kill

Updated: Mar 29

We get roughly 47% of calls just for hobo spiders alone. Hobo spiders are one of the most common (and scariest looking) pests found in Idaho. You'll often see hobo spiders in basements, sheds, window wells, and even in the middle of your yard crawling through the same grass you walk on. Hobos, and really spiders in general, are harder to kill than others pests for a few BIG reasons.

First, they don't groom themselves. Okay... what does that's mean exactly bug guy? Well, I'm so glad you asked. Many pests will clean off their legs by basically licking themselves to maintain a clean body. So when they groom themselves after walking across one of our insecticides, they ingest our product orally and they will die soon after.

Second, spiders don't have a body part that drags on the ground so very little product is able to bind onto them. Because of these two main reasons, spider treatments require our specific and highly potent insecticides to effectively kill the dozens (if not hundreds) of hobo spiders on your property. Ants for example have a body part that drags on the ground and they groom themselves, making ants relatively easy to control.

Third, they breed almost the entire year. From early spiring, to mid summer, to late fall we get a steady stream of hobo spider complaints. In the spring these spiders will emerge as tiny babies and you may see them literally in the hundreds in your yard and climbing up your fence. Spring is the most important time of the year to treat for spiders because if you don't treat for them early they will reproduce again and again and you will have many more and much bigger hobo spiders come late fall. The solution we came up with for this common issue is our very popular and beloved Maintenance Plan. You'll get a spring, a summer, and a fall treatment to get the spiders under control early and keep them under control the entire season. The Maintenance Plan includes other common insects also found throughout the year like wasps, earwigs, and boxelder bugs, at no extra cost to you. Oh, did I mention it comes with unlimited free warranty services? That's right, if anything pops up in between your scheduled service days, we'll come back out for free. No cancellation fees, and no winter services either. That's a deal you can't argue with.

Call our office today at 208-351-7860, or click the "Schedule Now" button below to set up an appointment. Let us deal with the pests. We want you to kick back, and enjoy your home this year - bug free.


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